Today, we are going to make a simple bounce pad in Unreal Engine. I am going to make a platform that launches the character into the air when they touch it. This is more simple than you might think.

To get started, create a third person example project in Unreal Engine. When it loads, in the content area, right click and press blueprint class (near the top). Select actor from that menu. Open your actor, and click the green add component button in the top left, and select cube (or you can do a custom static mesh). Select your cube or static mesh, and in the right settings panel, change the physics preset to overlap all dynamic. Now open the event graph tab, and drag off form the actor begin overlap node, uncheck the box in the corner of the blueprint search field, and search for launch character. Plug get player character into the input in the launch character node. To start, set the z value to 1000. Compile and save that blueprint.

Now, if you drag the actor we just made into the game, the player will get launched when they touch the launchpad. If you have any questions about this, contact (the contact page is not working right now).

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