To get started, you need an Apple developer account.  Once you have that, you can go to my last post and video here where I explain how to put your Unreal Engine project on the app store and test flight on a mac.  Today, I am going to go over leaderboards.  To get started, go to and sign in to your developer account.  In an app that you make in app store connect, go to the features tab, and you will be in the game center section by default.  Press the plus icon next to leaderboards. For the reference id and leaderboard id, put the same thing down, and remember them.  You can do the rest of the settings there how you want to.  Go to the bottom where it says languages, press add language, and select english.  Make a leaderboard name here,  and put in all necessary information.  Once you have your leaderboard created in app store connect, and you have pressed save, go to Unreal Engine.  There are three nodes that are important that we need to use.  One shows the leaderboard, one sets the users score for the leaderboard, and one logs the user into game center when the game starts.  To start, open the level blueprint of the level that you want to use the leaderboard in.  Do on event begin play, show external login UI.  This will log users into game center when they open that level.  The next thing you need to do is make a button that people can press to see the leaderboard.  Make a widget with a button that does this: show platform specific leaderboard screen.  This will show your leaderboard.  For the ID of the leaderboard, put in the reference ID you put into app store connect.  After you will also need to give game center your users scores, so to do this, whenever the user scores a point, put this after it: write leaderboard integer.  Put in your ID that you made in app store connect again.  Plug in your score for the starting integer.  This will tell game center every time someone gets a score, and it will only show your highest score on the leaderboard.  You are now done.  When you submit your game to the app store, select your leaderboard in the build settings page for it to go live.   If you have any questions, contact me.

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