At the beginning of 2019, there were very few ways to get mobile ads in Unreal Engine without doing a lot of work. There was a Chartboost plugin (and a few other ones), but they have not updated them so you cannot use them in the newest versions of Unreal Engine. Later in 2019, a free plugin came out that let you set up google Admob for ios, and use mediation for a few different networks. This was good, but 2% of the time that ads were shown, they were shown by the person who made the plugin, so they got money that way. The person that made the plugin has shut it down because they say that people were editing the code to get rid of that, so he made no money off them. The same developer made another plugin that does the same thing, but there is no traffic share for this one, but you have to pay for it. Now, there is also another google AdMob plugin, but you need to pay for that one too.

Epic Games have made a plugin to integrate Tapjoy ads in IOS, but I have never been able to figure out how it works, and they do not have good documentation, and the plugin does not seem to have any setup or place to put in Tapjoy account information.

I got the free mobile ads plugin before it was removed, but it is not going to be updated for the new versions of Unreal Engine. I wanted to put Vungle ads in the newest version of Unreal Engine, so I contacted the Vungle support team asking if they could make a Unreal Engine plugin. I picked Vungle because I had already had their ads in my app, they have good customer support, and they will really give you really similar ECPM to Unity ads or Chartboost.

They responded saying this “Hello,

Thanks for your feature request for support for Unreal Engine. We currently do not have support for Unreal Engine. I will add you request to our list for Product team and Engineering to review. While I do not have any ETA or news of when this might happen I’ll close this for now. Please do check back in the future. Have a great day!

Best, Chris”

I will put an update below this if they do make the plugin. I really hope that they do.

Update: Vungle has not come out with a plugin for unreal engine yet, but there is a plugin you can use made by someone else for $20. Get that here:

If you need ads in your game right now, I can recommend this plugin: The video below shows how you can use this plugin, but note that in the video below, the plugin was free, and slightly different.

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