To get your Unreal Engine game working on the browser, you cannot use UE 4.25 yet, but you can get it to work in 4.24. The video above shows how you can set it up. To download the engine, You can get it through GitHub, but YOU NEED TO LINK YOUR EPIC GAMES AND GITHUB ACCOUNTS! go here to link your accounts: Click Here then you can go here to download: Click Here some people said that this doesn’t work, so if that is the case, use the google drive link: Click Here

You must have git, python (it must be from the website, not the windows store, and when you install, you need to check the box that says add python to path), cmake, and visual studio code 2017 or 19 (I have better luck with 2017).

Once you have all of this installed, extract the zip file that you downloaded earlier, and first open up the file called setup.bat (or if that does not work). Once that is done, go to the folder engine > platforms > HTML5, and run (if it asks what to open it in, pick git bash or git. A lot of people have run into errors here. If you get an error, try to edit your system environment variables (search that in the windows menu), and press path, and edit, then get rid of the one that says windows apps, or apps, or windows app. Anything like this, get rid of them, for me, there were 2. Another thing that you can do to look at the file that it is saying is the problem, and make sure that it exists on your computer. If that is the case, make the file that is missing (it can just be blank, it just needs the same name and path). Once that is done, you need to run the setup.bat or file, back in the main engine path. Once this is done, you should see a file called UE4.sln. Open that with VS 2017 or 2019 (I have had better luck with 2017). Build the following things in order, by right-clicking them, and pressing build.

AutomationTool AutomationToolLauncher UnrealBuildTool UnrealHeaderTool HTML5LaunchHelper (if it does not show up, skip this one) ShaderCompileWorker UnrealLightmass UnrealPak UnrealFileServer UnrealFrontend UE4

Once this is done, you can go to the folder Engine, Binaries, WIn64, and open the file called UE4Editor.exe. This should launch the Unreal Engine, and you should be able to package it for html5.

Now that you have this done, you can edit your html5 to look better. Below is my html that I use, you will just need to replace the game.UE4.js with yourgame.UE4.js. You might also want to copy all of the css and make your won css file, and use that instead.

I have example games at

See my HTML code here: click here

4 thoughts on “Package your Unreal Engine 4.24 Game for html5”
  1. Hi! How can I contact you? I saw on your youtube channel that you can help with packaging files to HTML. would really love to work with you. thanks!

    1. you can contact, but they took down the GitHub page so the html5 version is no longer available.

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