As of right now, there are a few ways to put ads in your mobile game, but it is not very easy to do it for free.

In the past, there was a free admob plugin on the marketplace, but the creator removed it and made it $50. If you got the free version, you can still use it, but not in the newest version of unreal engine. thet $50 plugin is here:

The same creator has made 2 other ad plugins. One for unity ads, one for Vungle ads. His profile with all of his plugins is here:

I use his vungle ads plugin, and it works great.

There are also a few more plugins you can try. There is a chartboost plugin, but you can only use it on up to Unreal Engine 4.16 (this is a old version of unreal engine.)

There is also a $100 plugin for ironsource. I have not used it, and as of right now there are no reviews, but you can try it here:

These are all the Unreal Engine plugins for mobile ads as I can tell.

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