In Unreal Engine, you can get the local time and date with just blueprints. This could be useful if you want to do something at a specific time, or if you want to make a clock.

All of this is basically just two nodes. The now node is what you need to do first, then from there, do the break date time node. That will give out some integers. They are the time and date. You can also use uct now instead of the now node to get the same time zone for all players.

This is very simple, and works well. So if you need to get the time in Unreal Engine, it will not be too hard.

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  1. Hello: I am still a little confused about the video demonstration steps of HTML5 construction. How does HTML5setup. sh open and run?Could you please make a more detailed video?Or could you please send me an unreal engine version with HTML5 module compiled by you, 4.24? Thanks a lot!!Could you please send it to my Email? Thanks a lot!!!

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